3 tips to trust in the process

each week i write a note to my newsletter crew who i’ve decided to call the ‘full on happiness fam’ {#FOHfam}. you should join, it’s fun! you’ll get my diy newsletter full of a quote and a personal note from yours truly. it’s stuff i don’t post here, just straight to your inboxes every wednesday morning. it’s a really sacred experience for me, and i feel like it’s becoming the framework for something bigger. much bigger! so get on there already.

yesterday’s theme of happiness was really special to me because not only is it a major part of the brand, but it’s a topic that’s been part of many exciting conversations as of late. i think there are a million and one definitions of happiness because it can be such a personal experience, and one of the best things about it is we can define it on our terms in a way that is unique to us.

anyhow, here’s my latest definition i have to share:

happiness is knowing that everything you have in your life is enough, and believing that everything is as it should be.

enough. this is a biggie! and another word that’s been coming up in conversations with a few of my amazing, awe-inspiring clients.

i think at one point or another we’ve all been caught up in this internal dialogue: i’m not good enough, i don’t have enough, things aren’t happening fast enough.


when you don’t have enough of something, it means you feel something is lacking or missing. i believe we have the power to turn that emptiness into something plentiful and abundant by finding a new perspective. and that’s where the real shift of  finding true happiness can take place.

it’s about believing that life is unfolding just as it should be, honoring the process, and trusting that we are exactly where we are supposed to be at exactly the right time.

this commitment takes work. it takes diligence. it takes unwavering faith and a belief in something bigger than you.

so, how can you get to this place? if you are feeling a little unsettled and want things to be different, i want to leave you with 3 things to help cultivate this inner knowing that, in my opinion, can lead to greater happiness:

  • make a mantra. write a little reminder on your bathroom mirror so you can see it every day. it could be: ‘everything is perfect in my world.’
  • be grateful. jot down 3 things from the day that you are grateful for. a conversation with a dear friend, a yoga class, and podcasts make my list. see, all of a sudden your day becomes more than enough.
  • pray. talk to god or the universe or whatever you prefer to pray to, whenever you need. because you guys are in this together. so, get quiet, and have one of those soul nourishing conversations with the universe. it’s got you.

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may happiness be with you.

*photo credit: hands| jump.

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