9 Tips To Combat the Sunday Night & Monday Morning Blues

It doesn’t matter where I live, who I’m with or, what I do for a living, the Sunday night/Monday morning blues are a real thing. There is something about endings and beginnings (even the small changing over of the weeks) that can bring up anxiety. Also, for many people Sundays can often trigger binges or unhealthy habits as well as ‘the diet starts Monday’ mentality, so they ‘blow’ it for lack of a better term.

Instead of just ignoring the blues or pretending they’re not happening, I think it’s important to acknowledge them and take some proactive steps to make ourselves feel better. Here are some of my tips to work through the Sunday night/Monday morning blues.


  1. Be mindful of your Saturday night plans. When I feel at my worst on Sundays it’s because I’ve done something Saturday that is not in alignment with how I want to feel. That could be staying up too late, drinking too much, participating in some type of activity you don’t truly want to. I know that alcohol is definitely a blues trigger for me and it’s directly correlated with how I feel about life. I wrote about how alcohol doesn’t really serve me, and while I don’t think it’s something I need to give up completely, it’s definitely something I want to be mindful of when thinking about my Sundays. Bottom line: alcohol is a depressant, and that’s important to keep in mind.
  2. Sit in your discomfort. Yup, I know this seems counter-intuitive, but an important part of healing is acknowledging what you’re feeling. Sit in silence and take a look at your thoughts. Say them out loud if you can or jot them down on paper. Better yet, call someone you feel comfortable with and talk to them about it. Once you realize that these thoughts are fleeting and temporary and have much to do with the circumstances of the day, the more relief you’ll feel. Repeat to yourself, this is just one day, not my entire life.
  3. Schedule something routine into your Sunday and/or Monday. Routines bring us comfort, and if we know we can expect an activity that brings us comfort this could ease the blues feeling. That could be a church or spiritual routine like yoga, a 3pm trip to the grocery store, a standing Monday evening walking date with a friend, a show on TV you never miss, or a workout class. Whatever it is, allow this ritual to bring you comfort and joy. It’s something you are doing to pay yourself some love and attention.
  4. Start your Monday morning with warm lemon water. This is the smallest, but one of the most powerful tools you can use to jumpstart your week. I’ve talked about the benefits of lemon water before, but doing it on Monday morning is you setting the tone for the week. It supports the liver in the detoxification process and is symbolic for you saying to your body, I’m going to treat you well this week. It’s a great way to take care of your system and set the tone.
  5. Say your affirmations. It’s no secret I am a big fan of affirmations. Now, I don’t believe in not doing the work of analyzing the negative, unconscious thoughts in your head and just replacing them with positive statements. That’s not productive. We have to do both actions of getting to the root of certain things you tell yourself plus training your mind to stay in the positive flow. Sometimes we get off track of who we want to be, what we want to call in, and what our authentic truth is. This is when our affirmations can bring us back to reality. I suggest reading them over and over on both Sunday and Monday.
  6. Do something kind for someone else. A great way to get out of our own gloom is to focus on bringing joy to someone else. It’s a proven fact that doing random acts of kindness for other people or giving something to someone else can increase our own happiness. So, think of ways that you can give to others on Sundays or Mondays. Can you pay someone a phone call and check in on them? Perhaps you can write someone a nice card or email. Or, just give someone a compliment when you’re out and about. Paying it forward in this way can help bring you out of your own head, and in turn make you happier.
  7. Cultivate gratitude. We all know gratitude goes a long way. It boosts feelings of satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. On Sunday night, make sure you make time to write down everything you are grateful for. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way and hone our energy in on focusing on all the things that we do have, and realize how truly lucky we are to get us out of the blues.
  8. Schedule in time to connect with someone. Social connections are key to our happiness. If you hole up in your house all day Sunday without any contact with others, it’s more likely that you will sulk in your own blues. Meet a friend for coffee, plan a small adventure with your significant other, or engage in an activity with a friend you know will make you feel grounded and connected… the dog park, brunch, a museum. The options are endless.
  9. Get outside. Being in nature is key for our happiness. By getting outside and soaking in sunshine, fresh air, and the outside scenery whatever it may be for you – the ocean, river, mountains, hills – we are more likely to feel connected and cultivate feelings of ‘awe.’ This is the notion that ‘it’s bigger than us,’ and that we are but smalls specks on this planet lucky to be alive. Sundays are perfect for the outdoors: bike rides, hikes, and picnics.


So, wherever you live – big city, small town, whomever you’re with – single or attached, or whatever you do for a living, I hope these tips serve you in a big way. Implementing small practices can truly go a long way. Happy Monday, loves!

*photo cred: week | happiness

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