Be the Juicy Peach That You Are

Let’s talk peaches, okay? Yes, the fruit. It is almost peach season after all. But, I’m not referring to nutrition here.

There’s a quote that goes like this, ‘You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.’ It’s by Dita Von Teese.

Naturally, when we think of ripe, juicy peaches, we can’t possibly imagine someone not liking one. I mean, they are the best! There’s nothing better, right?

Well, not necessarily. Some people don’t like peaches, not even the ripest, juiciest ones. I think we forget that we are all entitled to our own opinion about our preference in fruit.

On some level we all want to be liked and accepted. It’s a basic human need. So, when someone doesn’t like us, I think two things can happen…

We either try really hard to get them to like us and end up being fake or abandoning who we are in order to bend to be who we think they want us to be. So basically, we become an apple instead of a peach because we think they like apples.

Or, we make it about us and think there’s something wrong with us or we’re not good enough and we question our juiciness. We think things like… What could I have done differently? Maybe I said something stupid? Maybe I’m too fat? Maybe I was too quiet? Maybe I didn’t seem interesting enough? Maybe I’m too boring? Ya feel me…? It’s endless.

A great example is if you’ve ever been rejected by someone (especially romantically). You may have spent hours or even days replaying the situation over and over in your head about what you did wrong to make this person not like you.

I say, enough of this! Neither scenario of what can happen when someone doesn’t like us feels good. But, what does feel good is just being who we are. The most fully expressed, juiciest version of ourselves.

I think one of the secrets to happiness and fulfillment is really coming to understand that whether people like us or not is not in our control. We don’t really have a say in it. Just like the peach doesn’t have a say if someone biting into it is going to like it or not.

Whew! That’s freeing, isn’t it?

Once we release attachment to people liking us, we give ourselves permission to be exactly who we are. And, we allow ourselves to be surrounded by our peach loving people… the ones who are supposed to be in our lives and who love us for exactly who we are.

Remember, there’s nothing you have to change about yourself. The right people will show up in your life. Trust in that. And be the juiciest peach you can be. It is the greatest gift you can give the world.

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