connection: eat happy, think happy, be happy

i don’t feel happy every moment of every day. even though i’ve chosen happiness because i feel that it is a choice, some days that choice is easier to stick to than others. being positive and ultimately happy takes work. it’s about being connected, being mindful of the bigger picture, and doing all the little things that bring us joy, and more importantly being grateful for them.

so, some days my perspective gets tossed out the window, my mindfulness gets buried under a rock, and reflecting on all of the little joys seems physically impossible.

yesterday was one of those days.

but i am here to tell you, that this is part of being human. what i’ve learned along the way is that when we do things that take us out of feeling connected then we have a harder time being happy.


so, what does being connected mean?

i see connection in three main parts: body, mind, and soul.

body: eat happy
are you in touch with your body? how does it feel? is it working with you? is it resisting you? do you know what it needs? are you giving it that? do you know what it doesn’t need? being in connection with our bodies means we love it. we love the way it looks and operates and feels and i am a firm believer that when we are connected to our bodies, we are happier beings. that’s why i like using the term ‘eat happy’ because eating happy means eating in a way that makes us feel more connected to our bodies and in turn feel like our happiest selves.

mind: think happy
what is the voice in your head saying? are your thoughts negative or self-deprecating? or are they peaceful and nurturing? the mind is perhaps the most powerful tool we have when it comes to being connected. our thoughts dictate our outlook on life, our mood, how we show up in this world, and ultimately who we are. when we are consciously connected to our thoughts and ensure they are positive ones, i think happiness comes easier. if we are exhausted and down on ourselves {aka not connected to our bodies or eating happy}, the negative thoughts are more likely to seep in, and it’s harder to stay connected to the positive ones. so thinking happy is about staying connected to happy thoughts so that our actions, outlook, and mood reflects that.

soul: be happy
being truly happy means being connected to something bigger than you. whatever you want to call that something bigger is totally up to you. i call it the universe. or god. or source energy. and while i know it’s not black and white, we are all energetic beings connected by one big energetic force. it’s out there. the universe and your soul have this sort of special connection that needs to be nurtured at all times. it’s a you take care of me, i’ll take care of you kind of agreement. the more connected we are to the energy of the universe, the easier it is to feel authentically happy. this connection creates a deeper meaning to your life that quite literally nourishes your soul and satiates you in a way that food never can.


so feeling connected is all connected, do you see it? sorry, i had to. this is a practice i take my clients through. when we can remain connected in body, mind, and soul aka eating, thinking, and being happy that’s when big {and i mean BIG} things happen. if you are interested in going through this process with me, here’s a form to sign up.

happy, happy thoughts to you, my friends!

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