FOH Podcast 14: Inner Child, Forgiveness, Exploring, Progress, and Our Healing Bodies

Today on the pod we’re talking about some of my favorite concepts! I love understanding how the mind works and what drives human behavior. When it comes to personal growth and development (which we cover a lot in today’s episode), it’s nice to wear an observer or detective hat. If we get too caught up in our own ‘stuff’ it can be detrimental. So when it comes to studying ourselves, take the ‘Wow, fascinating!’ approach. I’ve found it to be really helpful.

This week’s happiness lessons are:

  1. Understanding the conscious, pre-conscious, and unconscious mind + inner child work
  2. Practicing forgiveness
  3. Adventures in your own city
  4. Not having to fix yourself and focusing on progress not perfection
  5. Your body as the home for your spirit and soul

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And thank you so much for your kind words from last week’s episode. It means the world to me!

Show notes:

Snack of the week: JERF Bar!

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