Ep #15 Kristin Lohr: Why We’re All in This Together

I’m so excited to bring you the very first interview on the pod! You guys are going to love it. It’s a fun conversation with one of my favorite life coaches and beautiful souls behind the Instagram @wearesoulsparks (you may remember her from Ep 3 as part of my Instagram roundup), the lovely Kristin Lohr.

Listen to the ep here or in iTunes:



In our chat we cover:

  • How Kristin started @wearesoulsparks
  • How she curates all of the inspiring, heartfelt quotes
  • Our mutual love of Sophia Bush and Sara Blakely 🙂
  • Where she gets the inspiration from for her amazing newsletter
  • The life coaching profession and what it means to be a coach
  • ‘Coaching should be transformative, not informative.’ ~Kristin Lohr
  • Discovering our strengths. ‘You’ll never be good at what you’re bad at, you’ll be average at best.’ ~Kristin Lohr
  • Chicago! Big city living.
  • The lessons we’re learning and the fear of being seen
  • Advice we’d give our early 20-something year old selves
  • Kristin’s definition of happiness
  • Daily rituals for happiness and finding what works for you
  • Journaling techniques; channeling
  • What Kristin is most proud of and most grateful for
  • The nitty gritty of self-love and not waiting to do things until you ‘love yourself’
  • Kristin’s favorite books and podcasts
  • Kristin’s ‘snack of the week pick:’ Pirate’s Booty!
  • Her definition of what it means to be full on happiness



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