Let Yourself Be Happy

I’m happy. No, things aren’t perfect in my life by any means, but I’m happy anyway. Say it with me, will you? Right now. I am happy. Okay, thank you! We’re in this together.

If I feel silly saying that, I must not be alone here, right? Do you ever feel uncomfortable saying it out loud? Like maybe you’re bragging or if you admit it then you’ll stop ‘working on yourself,’ or maybe that if you put it out in the universe it’ll all of a sudden go away. Vacuumed… sucked up… gone.

Hmmm… interesting.

Let yourself be happy. That’s the secret. Don’t wait. Don’t be afraid.

There are things I don’t have in my life. There are things that I want, things I wish for, things I dream of. There are also things I’m working on.

Sure, I’ve got some annoying clogged pore situation going on and I long for a healthy partnership with the right person and for the first time in a long time (over 6 years) I don’t have my own living space.

But, I choose to be happy anyway. To treat every day as a gift. To move through this space with wonder and awe and grace.

Life can only be as magic as we make it out to be.

I share this with you as a loving reminder (in case you needed it) that you don’t need everything you want in life in order to be happy (perfect body, perfect relationship, perfect job, perfect life, perfect political situation).

I think one of the greatest misunderstandings of our lifetime is that we need _______ to be happy. But, it simply isn’t true. It’s disempowering, and puts us in dependency and victim mode.

I believe you just need an outlook on life that fills you with joy. One that makes you feel like everything is always going to be okay. No matter what.

And also, an outlook that is gentle. One that accepts you for who you are… all of you and everything that comes with you as part of your story. Every single last drop.

There is too much harshness in this world and we have the power to settle into a life that feels safe, secure, and loving. Give yourself permission to do so. Let yourself be happy. You can. It’s always available to you.


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