thoughts on awareness and habits


today was one of those perfect sundays. maybe it’s the no drinking that’s finally caught up to me, but i feel so calm and at ease without alcohol in my life. there’s no sunday anxiety. each day is fresh and new, and i don’t have to worry about it not being that way. i sleep better. there’s no potential of any foggy-headedness or nausea, or that feeling where you completely waste a day because you can’t think clearly. instead, each day is your oyster. my body does what it wants to do to the best of its ability since there is nothing holding me back. there’s just more space to create and ‘do me.’

this one month off of drinking has been a great lesson. it’s allowed me to understand myself and my needs in a whole new way. by no means does it mean i will never drink again. i think alcohol is a healthy factor of life that when consumed in the right amount relaxes you and cultivates a deep sense of connection and freedom. who doesn’t love sitting around the fire with their best friends talking about life and love and happiness with a glass of wine in hand? or a fleetwood mac dance party after some fresh, homemade margaritas? i do! me, me, me [insert blonde emoji girl in the pink shirt with her hand raised here]. bring on the silly!

full on happiness is about living life to your fullest in a way that works best for you. what works for me when it comes to drinking is likely completely different than what works for someone else. no two bodies and capacities and tolerances are the same.

this little break has definitely changed my relationship with alcohol. it’s made me infinitely more aware of what i put into my body, my habits around drinking, and more than anything it empowers me to further understand that it is my choice – just like it is all of our choices – to decide what to put into my body based on how it makes me feel.

it all starts with awareness. the more tuned in we are to our actions and behaviors the more we can use that knowledge to become the best version of ourselves. it takes lots of courage and bravery to stop and look at our habits, especially the bad ones. often times it’s those ones that become our greatest teachers. and, really taking the time to recognize them is the key that unlocks our greatness. our transformation. our happiness.

what habits do you think may not be serving you?

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