To My Sister On Her Wedding Day

Hi friends! My sister got married last month. Eeek! Such an exciting time for our family. Secretly, I felt like it was part my wedding too. Naturally, I got to give a speech. I haven’t written long form here in quite a while (just daily happy posts on Instagram), but I did spend quite a few hours attempting to master these heartfelt words to my sister and her hubs.

So, why not share them here, right? It’s a little outside the usual Full On Happiness scope, but I want to remember them forever.

Here goes…


When you have only one sister, you’re kind of planning what you’re gonna say in the maid of honor speech your entire life… no pressure or anything, but it’s kinda true.

Let me start by saying that Amy is my favorite person in the entire world. Somehow, some way I lucked out with her as my sister.

See, when you have a sister you have a built-in best friend.

But when you have Amy as a sister, you have more than that. You have this bright, beautiful, level-headed, kind, compassionate, wise, brilliant, sweet, fun, amazing human as your built-in best pal. I can count on her for literally anything including (but not limited to) answering all of my late night phone calls, teaching me the latest Oh She Glows recipe, and now (lucky for me) answering all of my obscure medical questions. I know I’m the older one, but so often it feels like you are.

The evolution of sisters is so funny to me.

When you’re young, you want your little sister to leave you alone and stop following you around. And then the tables turn and all you want to do is be with your sister and have her with you wherever you go.

When I think of our childhood, I see us together in our countless matching outfits (bows included, thanks for that mom), at dance or swim team or basketball or volleyball or on family vacations. We did life together, nearly every single part of it.

I remember when I was so excited you decided to follow in my footsteps and go to UC Santa Barbara. All I wanted was for you to have the best college experience in the world.

Enter Paul.

I think it your Freshman year when you called to tell me about Paul Roemer. I hadn’t heard you talk about a guy like that, ever. And, us Martini gals, we tend to be on the picky side, so I knew it was a big deal.

From what I remember, you started hanging out with this really cute guy… like so cute Gean, he went to De La Salle, he played basketball, he’s from Martinez, and did I mention… he’s so cute Gean.

Then I didn’t hear about Paul Roemer for a while, until the infamous spring 2009 when the Paul Roemer became your boyfriend.

Honestly, the rest is really history. You two have pretty much been inseparable for the last 8 years. You went from college to the real world together. To new cities, to new educations, to new careers… you’ve done it all, and only grown closer as you’ve grown up.

So, Paul, welcome. Officially. You’re still with us, and that’s saying a lot because well, you’ve seen us Martini’s at some of our finer moments. Thank you in advance for putting up with a lifetime of two country-obsessed, Bachelor-loving girls who never tire of quoting FRIENDS or listening to Sarah & Vinnie.  Please know that I really do love you.

As an older sister all you want is for your little sister to be happy. And I can say without an ounce of doubt that there really couldn’t be a better-suited human for Amy. You really do bring out the best in each other. I love watching you guys create a truly fulfilling life together, and more than anything I see that you’re best friends, and I’m so happy that my sister is marrying you, the Paul Roemer.

Lucky for me, I get you too. Happy wedding you guys, I love you so much.


I love reading it back. It was a really magical day.

P.S. I also wrote a speech for one of my bff’s on her big day last New Year’s Eve. You can read it here.

So much love to you. Hope you are having a beautiful transition from summer to fall.

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