we are all unique


last weekend at the farmers market i stopped in the shade to look down at my phone. all the while i was thinking to myself, gina, don’t become one of those people who misses the moment because you are sending a snapchat. that’s the thing about embracing the ‘you are your own brand’ mentality. you want to create and share via technology, but you want to remain present and not attached to your phone.

just as i thought that, the universe shook me right back into reality and taught me a little lesson that warmed my soul and gave me faith in this generation of parenting. just behind where i stopped in my tracks was a little girl… we’ll say about 4 or 5 eating an ice cream. now, it’s a hot day in san diego. the farmer’s market is bustling, and this girl and her dad have found the perfect bench in the shade.

i hear her say in this sweet voice, dad, this is so good. it’s better than the other kind. as she slowly and carefully eats mini spoonfuls of something that looks pink and delicious.

her dad responds, that’s good that you know what you like, sweetie. then, it’s important to know what you like the taste of. see, daddy likes things that are chocolate. and this means you like things that are strawberry. and again, it’s good for you to know what you like, because all people are unique and it’s good to be unique. 

gah! that parenting moment just got me at my core. a dad teaching his daughter to be who she is, especially when it came to her palette. he encouraged her to enjoy her treat, to take note of what she truly enjoyed the taste of, and then gave her a lesson on how all of our senses of taste are different, which is a good thing. then he praised her for being unique. i could have cried, screamed, jumped up and down, and hugged him all at the same time.

if we were all taught to recognize what we liked the taste of, to honor it, understand that not everybody likes the same thing, and best of all that it’s good to trust your taste buds and be unique. what an empowering message for little girls. to know that we are special for liking what we like. gosh, this world could be a better and different place. less eating issues… that’s my guess.

anyhow, had to share this little lesson on full on happiness. to that dad out there, thank you. thank you to all the dads who raise their little girls to grow up to be strong, confident, capable women comfortable and secure with what they like the taste of.

*photo credit over on my pinterest. 

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