What I Learned from Saying Goodbye

I said a lot of goodbyes this past weekend. I didn’t think I was going to cry. Seriously, I thought I had it all together. No biggie. Chapter closed. Onto the next adventure.

But see, with departures come these tender last moments of pure, unfiltered love.

All of a sudden you find yourself squeezing your best friend’s mom in the parking lot of your favorite lunch spot and the progression of your life flashes before your eyes. You realize it all makes sense, everything’s happened in perfect timing, and just how special this person is to you.



And then you’re sitting at the beach having the most idyllic sunset picnic with a group of your soul sisters who made you a special parting gift filled with wishes for your next chapter and you’re like, ‘Pinch me. I got to meet all of these amazing women in just a short time.’



And then you find yourself squeezing your best friend’s baby and think, ‘Hey wait, we’re just getting started here. I don’t want to miss you grow up.’

And then the next thing you know you’re squeezing your best friend – the reason you wanted to be in this place to begin with – and your heart aches because you just feel so lucky you got to do this… you got to be here and you got to create this special piece of your life that is yours forever to keep.

And you realize that all of it is far better than you could have ever imagined.



Life, I’m so in awe of how you work.

The last goodbye happened at the airport – where most goodbyes do – and all I could do was squeeze another best pal and say ‘I love you, I love you, I love you so much.’ Over and over and over again.

If you want to know how you really feel, say goodbye to someone you love. That moment will teach you everything you need to know.



Aside from the deep love I have for so many people in this life, I have one other takeaway from my most recent goodbye experience. And that is this…

There’s a divine plan for your life. There’s something bigger at play here. There’s something that always has your back and your best interest at heart.

All of those things you were upset didn’t happen when you wanted them to – the things that weren’t on your watch – they actually happened at a much better time. And all of those things you wanted to happen and didn’t, it’s because something better is conspiring to happen instead.

That’s it. That’s faith. That’s trust. That’s hope. That’s love.
I believe things happen the way they do, so a life that is far greater than your wildest dreams can unfold.

As with all goodbyes, come many hellos. And that’s really the magic of all of life, don’t you think? You let something go and make way for something new to take form.

You might notice things have been different around here at Full On Happiness. The platform has evolved into what it wants to say hello to right now, which is really just a personal blog about my life.

Writing is something my soul needs (I see a book in my future). I hope that my words make a positive impact in your life, but I understand if the change in direction is something you want to say goodbye to.

As for me, I’m saying goodbye to a full-time coaching practice for now and will only be working 1:1 with a handful of women. I’m being called to do other things. But, Full On Happiness will always be here as a place to share words that hopefully help you feel safe and never ever alone no matter what you’re going through.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Sometimes in life we have to say goodbye to things so we can say hello to something else.

Hello new chapter, I can’t wait to see what happens in you.


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